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Event management companies is an leading Entertainment, Marketing & Production company with specialization in campus events, sponsorship , artist management and allied businesses.

We aim at organizing events, sponsorship deals, digital marketing, artist management , promotion, printing , public relation ,and also  brand building. With over 50+ successful colleges festivals in all over Mumbai we are known as the #1 college event organisers.





Managing full event setup, printing, merchandise, brochure, tents and more all in affordable price



Helping a event to get cash sponsorship as well as barter sponsorship from well known brands and companies.



Our most popular Back2Campus event in partnership with ZOOT will help to get a popular artist to perform in your event.

Our past events in partnership with

Arohan's Rendezvous

Arohan's Rendezvous

Arohan NITIE presented Rendezvous Fashion Show powered by ZOOT. Here you get a chance showcase your own label at Arohan’s platform. Anyone college accross India could participate and the winner gets in cash prize with some amazing goodies.

Arohan's Surkshetra 2015

Arohan's Surkshetra 2015

Arohan NITIE presented Surkshetra 2105 powered by ZOOT & Event management companies for all music lovers across the city. It was a solo singing competation. The event was judged by Saru Maini , DJ Sheizwood and Dinesh Tiwari.

Back2Campus at Datta Meghe​

Back2Campus at Datta Meghe​

Back2Campus at Datta Meghe College of Engineering featuring Ashley Alvares , Dj Kairav, ElectroDivision, PolGrand & #DJKETRO


EMC Event management company is one of the very known event comapny. In collaboration with ZOOT we have successfully completed 50+ events in more than 20+ colleges. From campus events to 

Complete Management

We manage your complete event from stage, lights, LED, printing to sponsorship deals.

In house event equipemtent

We have 1000+ in house events equipments which will help you to get everything in vendor rates.

In house printing

Printing banners, flex, standees, and all gift items are done from our very own printing machines

Helps with sponsorship

Helps you to get a sponsorship from India's leading companies.

Barter sponsors

40+ Barter sponsors are partnered with us which can give you 3 lakhs of worth coupons and gifts.

Dedicated social media team

A dedicated team will continuously work on your social media to engage more audience.

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